C. & J. Clark International Ltd started their business as Clark in the UK (West of England) as a shoe manufacturer and retailer in 1825. Clarke had a lot of understanding of leather from the beginning. He was working with his brother in a tannery. When he was working in sheepskin rugs, the off-cuts and cast-offs were piling up, his mind create an ideal of making leather slippers. It was Clark’s first shoe to introduce in the market; unfolds the opening chapter remarkably. He named his sheepskin sleeper “Brown Petersburg”; got a huge success within a year. Its unique design, grace, and comfort catch the people by heart. Sale booms up to 1,000 pairs/ month. This outstanding leather slipper was made by hand, with no factories there, so he decided to expand his business by hiring skilled full people to fulfill market demand. Clark won two awards in the Great Exhibition by injecting new energy into British industry due to uniqueness, quality, novelty, and ease of comfort.

Clark in the business of shoemaking is known for being an expert in shoemaking, carrying the best UK designs, and vintage styles. Clark is the largest footwear brand in the world today. Clark’s footwear has been sold in over 100 countries across the world due to its stylish vintage footwear. Clark entered the Asia market in 2011 and establish 200 franchise stores in different countries. Clark is now visible on all well-known shopping plazas by Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Dresses, and other multi-brand retailers. You can easily find out Clark in Dubai, UAE, Karachi, Lahore, Kolkata, Mumbi, etc. Its contemporary looks inspired by the catwalk to shoes that place growing feet safe, you listen to only one name at all: Clarks. In a history traversing almost 200+ years, Clarks has earned honor and fame for top-quality footwear through an ongoing dedication to design, unseen comfort, premium quality, and expert service stands Clark in a prominent place in the shoemaking world.

This brand’s best quality is the combination of modern and traditional outlook; no one other than Clark achieves. The company has a rich traditional legacy of revolutionary technological innovations, launching unique iconic styles, and developed a deserved prestige prominence for helping to keep their customer’s feet healthy. Now it’s more than 1000 selling points with 14,000 qualified employees around the globe making Clark’s footwear continuously innovating, creating fashion that looks as good as it feels. All its footwear crafts make buyers unique, stylish, bold, and appalling as itself. In 2022 Clark’s shoes, sandals, boots, accessories, technologies, measure & fit, original combines inspiration with past and passion for men, women, and children. You can easily find Clark’s shoes online in Pakistan.

Clarks Original Shoes & Footwear for Men and Women

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