Mr. M. Manal, the founder of Himalaya launches this brand in 1934. Himalaya’s vision is to bring Indian traditional health Ayurveda recipes to people. Himalaya provides safe and effective herbal medicines in the world, people rapidly like and usage of products due to the Ayurveda methodology. Ayurveda methodology means people’s health is treated with pure natural root extracts that are composed of pure Indian traditional recipes. Recipes are the combination of natural ingredients (root extracts) in a calculated way.

Himalaya believes that herbal medicines should be accessed with the same quality and effeteness as conventional Ayurveda medicines. Himalaya research center continuously researches plants, leaves, roots, and everything that is integrated with them. Himalaya reinforces all Indian herbal traditions in new categories.

The world’s first anti-high blood pressure drug Serpina® was introduced in 1934. It becomes a top brand and a top-selling herbal medicine in 1999. This brand across borders and is now operated in more than 90 countries; their products are prescribed by more than 400k + doctors worldwide; millions of customers trust the Himalaya brand for their health and personal care needs.

The Himalayas brings ideas out of their labs to people of our world. Its R&D department discovers new medicines and furnishes into best quality products that make our lives healthier, safer, and riskless. Every company or brand’s success is integrated with people; they are inspired by quality, quantity, and low prices.

Himalaya expands research and develops rides the wellness wave in supplements: Blood Sugar, Brain & cognitive, Digestion, Energy & Vitality, Hair, Skin & Nails, Heart & Cardio, Immune Support, Joint & Mobility, Liver & Cleanse, Men’s Wellness, Respiratory, Sleep, Stress & Mood, Urinary, Weight Management, and Women’s Wellness.

Himalaya has entered in oral care space with the launch of a range of herbal tubes of toothpaste for adults and kids. Himalaya introduces Ayurveda oral care products categories in adult oral care, kids oral care, your travel oral care, complete oral care, and pure whitening teeth care; available in traditional flavors of mint, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, bubble gum, and orange; attracts men, women, and kids.

Himalaya involved in personal care products over the years. It’s the core product category of this brand that contributes around 40% of the turnover including skincare products, foot care products, eye care products, Sexual wellness products, health care products, lips care products, and body care products. Face scrub, body bars, face wash, therapy balms, chest balms, and more…

Himalaya – Ayurveda Wellness Herbal Healthcare

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