Action figure is a character model figure of hero in film, movie, comic books, video games, television serials, fictional or historical commonly made of plastic. Action figure toys are a muscular distinguishing quality characters primarily target boys to enhance or polish their characteristics. So, action figures have gain wide-spread acceptance as collectible item in the world. In 1900 these action figure toys have no additional features, spares, and connected accessories.  Over time, there are many changes in the content, features and the equipment associated with these toys. First of all, it was customary to make them from plastic. Plastic weight sesame is light, long lasting and subcutaneous as compared to the rest of the metals. Since these toys are being made for young children, the choice of plastic has proved to be very effective. Many companies are showing their potential in this field. Each company is making these formatted toys depending on their country and history; it becomes as industry. The main theme behind these toys is to develop children’s character building. The basic point behind making these toys is to adapt the mental and physical abilities of children to the fine abilities of their favorite heroes. The child’s brain is like blank paper; the image of the object he sees takes in itself, when the child’s brain accepts it. The child automatically tries to do or become. We want to take such action figure toys from market for our children’s proper training. However, flicking style, changeable style, and adjoining accessories make action figures toys more eminent and engaging. Here we describe best action figure toy’s brands:

1- Hasbro

Hasbro is the pioneer in this field of making, designing, and versatility since 1960. The main concept lying behind Hasbro’s action figure toys are science, technology, fiction, and country. So, Hasbro makes outstanding major line action figure like Captain America, G.I. Joe, Iron Man, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Transformers and more action figure toys that best to entertain your children.

2- Mattel

This brand is very famous in his sensational barbie dolls as action figure toys. Mattel stepped onto the action figure way in the early 1980s with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. After insignificance of He-Man, Mattle is influenced in manufacturing of action figure toys; makes masterpiece as DC Comics, Ghostbusters, Masters of the Universe, and WWE Wrestling action figure toys.

3- Bandai

Bandai Namko is famous all over the world for making unique, interesting and fun toys. Which captures the imaginative spirit of children and the collector and provides endless entertainment. The color of Japanese culture is visible in all its toys. Here are the famous action figure toys Tamagotchi, DragonBall, Vital Hero, Anime Heroes, Bandai Hobby, Gundam, Storm Collectibles, Flame Toys, & Studio Ghibli.

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