People are looking for original witch hazel online in Pakistan. It is an amazing plant-based beauty ingredient that is good to use in homemade beauty products. There are so many products of witch hazel available in market that is low quality or mixed with other extracts. You can find it at in best price. Once you know about the used and benefits of witch hazel you would definitely go for witch hazel online shopping in Pakistan.

What is witch hazel?

Witch hazel is basically a plant with multiple medicinal properties with healing power. It can be used in many ways. It is usually used in beauty products and skin care products for healing skin. It is also consumed orally by mixing in herbal tea. A very small amount of witch hazel is consumed orally for the specific of some specific conditions. You can get it in best price online but first know that why should you have it. 

Hamamelis virginiana 

Witch hazel has diverse species and Hamamelis virginiana is one of them. It is the best one among all. This is a kind of shrub that is found abundantly in North America and commonly used in medicines made in USA. The bark and leaves of the plant are used in making ointments and drinks. The purest and high-quality witch hazel is made with this plant. If you want to buy original witch hazel online in Pakistan this one is the best choice. 

Here are the benefits and uses of witch hazel online shopping in Pakistan. 

Treatment of Inflammation

It is the most common and best-known benefit of witch hazel that it relieves inflammation of the skin. Inflammation is caused as a response to infections and injuries that cause irritation to the skin. Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory properties and that is why you should shop witch hazel online in Pakistan. It has tannins and gallic acid to provide relief to the skin. It also prevents spreading of inflammation. There are also some compounds inside the body that can cause inflammation. Witch hazel neutralize those free radicles.  

Skin irritation is a common problem for those having sensitive skin. People complains about skin damage, irritation, broken and inflammation. It is hence good to use for treatment of eczema, acne, psoriasis and other inflammation. It has been proved to soothe the skin and provide relief. A small amount of this is enough to make it an effective remedy for inflammation. It has also found effective to suppress erythema. 

You can add it in your lotion or cream to enjoy its properties. 

Treatment of Hemorrhoids

As hemorrhoids is also inflammation and swelling in the veins. The veins of the rectum and anus swells and bleeds. It also causes itching. Hemorrhoids is the result of inflammation. Witch hazel is the natural remedy for relieving the pain, itching and discomfort. It provides quick and effective relief. 

Take a cotton ball or piece of cloth and dip it into witch hazel. Now apply and place it on the affected area for a few minutes. It soothes the skin.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, hemorrhoids pain, redness, itching and swelling can be reduced and also bleeding can be stopped with hemostatic properties. 

Treatment of Acne

As it is discussed above, witch hazel online shopping in Pakistan will be your acne treatment as it fights against it with the help of anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply this directly on the skin for results. It will be more effective on cleansed and washed face and will magnify the results with steaming your face. Witch hazel is an astringent that shrink the pores and tightens them for a smooth skin appearance. It also soothes the acne skin.

Use of witch hazel for skin care remove the bacteria from the skin and prevent acne for future. For its powerful acne treatment ability, it is used in beauty products, creams and lotions. It is highly beneficial for those struggling with oily skin. 

Treatment of Scalp Sensitivity

Scalp sensitivity is another most common problem that is caused due to dermatological conditions like hair treatments, styling and use of hair care products that does not suit the scalp. The conditions can be seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis etc. Itching on scalp and tenderness are the common symptoms of scalp sensitivity. Using witch hazel on the scalp before washing hair help treating these problems. 

It has been proved that people who had witch hazel in their shampoo recorded less irritation on the skin. Witch hazel online in Pakistan is effective in reducing itching on scalp and sensitivity symptoms. It is useful and effective for individuals with scalp problems like dryness and dandruff. 

Treatment of Sore Throat

You have been aware of the ability of witch hazel to decrease inflammation. This astringent is also being used to treat sore throat in some conditions. The method to use it for this purpose is here.

  1. Take 5ml witch hazel in 240ml water. It is almost one teaspoon in one cup of water.
  2. Boil it for about 10 minutes.
  3. Gargle with this mixture.

It provides relief to sore throat and reduce swelling and pain. The dry mucus caused by sore throat can also be treated this way. This is not proved by anecdotal evidences are there for this use of witch hazel. 


Oral intake of witch hazel can cause irritation to the stomach and vomiting as it has high amount of tannin. You should consult the doctor before taking it orally and understand the cautions and concerns attached to it. 

Witch hazel Toner

There are witch hazel toners online in Pakistan available for shopping in best price but you can also make one. Mix witch hazel with Aloe Vera gel and rose water and store it in a bottle. This toner is rich in vitamin C. It is the best ever toner you can have for the tightening of pores, removing acne, skin whitening, and glowing. It will make your skin beautiful with collagen production and supporting skin cell. You will feel the freshness of this toner. 

Where to buy?

You can get imported witch hazel for online shopping in Pakistan here if you are looking to buy an original and high-quality for you. 


Where to get witch hazel in Pakistan?

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