Waxing is not that cheap at the saloon and painful at home. People refuse it because they cannot bear the pain of the strips. But the other methods like shaving or using hair removal cream bring the hairs back soon. Waxing is so the best solution for getting hair free skin for longer. Waxing lasts longer than any other method. There are so many, literally so many waxing products online in Pakistan and in market that make you confuse about which one to use. 

You can find wax strips, fruit wax, lemon wax, hard wax, finger was and hot wax. It is better to get information about them, rather to try all of them and then decide which will go for you. It is also considerable that waxing at parlor or saloon is less time consuming and you do not have to worry about the wax. So, get this information about the best wax online shopping in Pakistan and enjoy easy and mess free wax at home. 

Each product has been discussed separately so you understand them before making a decision.

Get a wax warmer first

It is a must have tool that you should have for waxing at home. Otherwise you will have to warm the wax in some kitchen container with dual heating process that will be difficult and time consuming. You can find Lifestance Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit with the warmer or war warmer for online shopping in Pakistan in best price by the top brands provided with the facility of Amazon shopping in Pakistan. 

Waxing Kits Online in Pakistan

There are also so many waxing kits available and in affordable price in Pakistan. They contain the stuff required for the waxing time. You need a towel, warm water, power, waxing strips, a stick to apply and some wax to get the smooth skin professionally. Waxing kits only provide you the prepared strips to clean the hair from the skin. Noir, Veet, Nad’s Body Wax Strips online in Pakistan, Best Pro-Quality Kit: GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit and other instant wax strips are good for a quick hair removal. 

But the drawback of them is that they leave some residue behind that is sticky and stubborn. You have to practice more to be an expert of waxing with strips. Another problem with the waxing kits or strips is that you need to rub it with your hand to make it warm, sticky and effective. The cold and old strips will be of no use other than residue.

Painful or Not?

It is more painful.

Ready to use finger wax

It is to inform that ready to use finger wax is just a trap. That is never ready to use and you need a proper setup to use it, with a wax warner, stick and other stuff. You need to be very careful in using it. Finger wax or hot wax is used at saloon by only experienced professionals as they know about the temperature, precautions and use of the hot wax. 

Finger wax or hot wax is easier to use once you have played. You will find it easier to use. This is best for thick hair on sensitive areas like face, neck, bikini line, and other smaller and hard to reach areas. It is applied with the help of finger. It is perfect for smaller hair and detailed waxing with no hair behind. 

You can check bliss wax online in Pakistan, derma pro milky finger wax or rica wax in best price in Pakistan. You need to be quick for applying this kind as it cools in 30 seconds or less. 

Painful or Not?

It is less painful or no painful for some people. 

Waxing Beans

Waxing beans online shopping in Pakistan is the most observed but the one with no good consumer reviews. Waxing beans take more time in melting and very less time in cooling. It is difficult to use at home if you are not a waxing expect. Like finger wax, you have to be very careful about its temperature to be bearable by the skin. Once the beans melt, it is too hot to apply. And when you wait it to be cooled, it starts chilling again into solid.

Beans wax is hard to struggle with. They are quite popular and being used by professionals all over the world. Beans wax needs no strips and you can pull it off when it hardens. It hardens quickly in seconds and remove all the hair. You can get smooth and clean skin after beans wax online shopping in Pakistan but must take a tutorial first to know it’s working. There are Wakse Cosmic Candy Hard Wax, Satin Smooth Calendula, Wokaar beans wax, Auperwal beans and other bestselling from Amazon in Pakistan. 

Painful or Not?

It is painful to some extent. Immediately pat with soft hands on the area to relieve the pain.

Lemon Wax

This is the so far best ever wax for waxing at home. It is the easiest to use wax. It warms quickly, cools slowly, very effective and create less mess. It leaves no residue behind and also soluble in water so if you want any residue you can just wash the area to get rid of it. In case of other wax residues, you need special creams and oils to remove the residue. 

Lemon wax remove all of the hair and leave clean and smooth skin behind. It is suitable for most of the skin types. You need strips to use this wax. The wax itself is not that expensive so you can easily get the strips along with it. Sugar wax is also an option. 

You can go for imported from Amazon lemon wax online shopping in Pakistan for the best experience and results. Check the body care lemon honey hot wax.

Painful or Not?

It is not very painful and not and all painful for some people. 


Which is the best wax for waxing at home?

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