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Frequently asked questions to import products from amazon ebay USA/Uk

FAQ 's:

1- Does Amazon ship in Pakistan directly?

No! It does not , we provide services to import stuff from amazon on customer demand 

2- How can you buy from Amazon ebay or any other website from USA in Pakistan?

You can send us link of item you want to buy , we will check and quote you its price and availabilty with estimated delivery time at your doorstep

3- Is it Safe Amazon Ebay Shopping Pakistan with us?

Yes! It’s completely safe.  we provide facility to deliver at your doorstep we will be responsible for any thing until your home delivery 

4- How we select Amazon Products how to check reviews ?

You can check direclty from amazon.com ebay.com , check customer reviews , if you think its good we can import it for you 

5 -What we do not import from Amazon Ebay in Pakistan?


We do not import  Cell Phones, Gadgets, Batteries TV, Heavy machinery, weapons, seeds, and knife. or other stuff that custom pakistan does not allow 

6- How much delivery time amazon ebay Products take to delivery at your address in Pakistan?

Normally it is between 20 to 35 days but some times it more or less amazon prime products deliver faster that are in amazon warehouse 

9-How the cost and shipping is charged?

Actual cost of the item (with conversion in to pak rupees) , Standard shipping from USA , Shipping in Pakistan ,  Tax in Pakistan , International custom / duty 

10- Usaimported.pk has the stock of Amazon products in Pakistan?

Normally we do not have stock but few best seller proucts are liste here on stock list page

11-Payment method for Amazon Products in Pakistan with COD


The simplest and the easiest method is adopted for the orders less than 3000pkr.  for order over 3000 50% payment will be advance for large amount order over 70 thousand it will be needed to pay 80% advance.

12- Shopping from other international websites


Any famous website from USA / UK you can do shopping

·         Amazon.com

·         eBay.com

·         Alibaba.com

·         DX.com

·         Etc.

 13- How do I register on usaimported.pk?  

The registration process on the usaimported.pk is simple and easy. Anybody can sign up for free and can post-order within no time. or send us text on whatsapp 0344 4537712

14- How do I place an order on Usaimported.pk?


Simply choose the desired product you are interested to buy, press the “add to cart” button, and simply checkout to place your order. If you are first-time order, you first create your account by providing your name, email address, cell phone number, postal address, and password and register your account to process the order. On next time purchase, you will never need of providing personal data for account creation. 

15- Here we define 2 ways to search for your desired product effectively.

  1. You can choose the category and then type in the search bar for more precise product searching
  2.  You can use the Basic search utility that searches for you in all categories. A search bar is available on all the pages (Right top menu)

16-Do you take orders over the phone?

Of course, yes. Our sales agent will guide you to your desired product on call and WhatsApp. You can also share Amazon and eBay product URLs with our sales agent on call, message, or WhatsApp. Our sales agent will respond to you soon with your query.

17-How can I track product delivery status?

You can simply log in and see the order detail along with the Delivery Date, Tracking Code, and status. We also have well-managed staff for assisting your order for status and tracking. We timely acknowledge your order status on call, email, and message.

18- Are prices negotiable?

We are importing fixed-price products from the USA, so the margin is very limited. Our price formula automatically analyzes sales tax, import duties, income tax, shipping, etc to provide you product at the best price.

19-What about Order Cancellation?

You can cancel your order before order confirmation by our sales staff, or you direct contact with our sales agent for cancelation before confirmation. To avoid any misunderstanding, we will directly call you before formally placing an order with our USA Merchants.

20- How are you going to refund me, what are all options?

We are importing USA stores product in Pakistan. We will refund your 100% payment in your mentioned account on the following options:

  1. Your order has not been processed from usaimported.pk
  2. You will not get your order’s notification

21- How much time will it take to get my refund?

We will refund your advance payment within 1 working day of order cancellation.

22- In how many days, I can change my order?

You first cancel your order then change your order of placing a new order. For this purpose, you directly call our sales agent.

23 - Any Product Warranties?

Since we are offering USA-based stores products to buy online in Pakistan, we do not offer any kind of warranties nor will provide any technical or after-sale services. So keenly search, select and understand product detail functions.

24-Need to know the payment options available?

We are offering the following easy options

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Bank Deposit
  • Easy Paisa
  • Jazz cash
  • By hand payment at our office

25- Want to know more about Cash on Delivery?

We offer cash on delivery or COD for acquiring customer trust and confidence. Customers will pay cash after receiving the product at the doorstep. Usaimported.pk offers COD on orders less than Rs.3000/- except Apparel items. More than Rs.3000/- customer will pay 30% of total item cost as advance payment.


26-Why should I choose usaimported.pk?

If you are a quality succinct, and searching in the online product as North America and Western countries people are using then you are standing on right place of usaimported.pk. We import all kinds and types of products from USA stores for you. You soon realize each product listed on our site is already a high-quality and ranked product. You shop beauty products, clothing products, fitness products, health products, fashionable and stylish products, luxury products, electronics products, cell phones, cameras, jewelry, laptop & tablets, watches, tools and accessories, gadgets, Toys from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Ali Baba through our eCommerce platform.