LuckIn Rotating Desk Armrest Support to Relieve Stress, Eliminate Pain, Reduce Office Occupational Chronic, Armrest for Home, Office, Adjustable, Comfortable, Black, 2 Pack

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  • Product Code: LUCX10389
  • Product weight : 1.50 Pounds
  • Brand: LuckIn
  • Quantity:
Price: 9051 PKR

Product Description:

Product Features:


    • Ergonomic Design - Perfectly provide support for the weight of arm while working on the computer.
    • Function - Keep your wrist, hand and elbow in a straight line, and take the arms, shoulders, neck and spine' s stress off.
    • Material - The surface is covered by high-tech silicone which is difficult to fall off, different from the plastic pad. The adjusting screw and clamp is made of ABS, which can swivel back-and-forth.
    • Dimension - The armrest is 11.3 x 5.4 inch (length x width), will be higher than the table top while installation. Suitable for the table which is 0.5 to 2.3 inch thick without decorative strip or bevel in edge.
    • Advantage - The fastening clamp have a rubber to increase the friction between the clamp and the table to stop slipping.

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