Wilbarger Therapy Brush

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Thera pressure Sensory Brush by Wilbarger is specially designed to deliver a deep pressure massage to help improve sensory issues in any age of life. It can be used as part of any brushing therapy (Wilbarger protocol) to improve attention/responsive time duration, focus, and available protentional to convergence between activities.  It is the best suitable, and crucial tool for a professional occupational therapist. It is portable in size; you can take it very easily according to your professional traveling needs.   Normally children are affected by autism in childhood. Autism can affect their growing skills, social skills, communication relationship, and self-regulation. Children feel uneasy, fearful, and discomfort about being touched and communicated by others.    Therapy brush (Wilbarger protocol) is designed to touch such affected children with ease and improve their response and come back these children to spend their social life normally.

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