Sports & Out Door Online Shopping In Pakistan


Sports and outdoors products are the supporting products and equipments in various forms and types depending upon the sport you are important part of life and necessary for our health. Sports and protective equipments are categorizes into differents kinds and types based on the game you are playing. Such as Americans football, Baseball  Boxing,  Cricket, Football, Gymnastic, Kabaddi, Olympic games,  Tenis,  swimming, Wrestling, kamfu,  etc.  There are certain kinds of sports equipment listed below : according to the 

* For Football and soccer :-
      Football (For practice & match ball) ,soccer boots, portable goal post, Bib's,  Goal net, Swiss ball,  glove keeping glove,  Corner flag,  player dressing ( Jersey,  Shorts)  and etc. 
* For climbing suports:-
      Rope,  cord and weeping, protection pad, reduce eight, Helmet,  climmbing shoes,  Belay gloves and Belay devices,  climbing harness etc. 
*For cricket :-
      Cricket bat,  ball, thie pad, helmet,  batting golves,  elbow knee guard batting leg guard,  wicket kepping glove,  Net, stump and etc. 
* For swimming :-
      Swimming goggles,  swimming cap, life saving equipments  wet suit,  and other swimming accessories. 
*For Boxing and wrestling :-
      Boxing gloves, Mouth guard,  punching bag,  heavy bags, pads,  boxing shoes, wrestling and boxing shoes,  wrestling singlets and other boxing and wrestling accessories. 
*For Badminton Tenni and Table Tennis :-
       Badminton rackets,  badminton cock,  Net,  Tennis racket,  Tennis ball, tennis bag tennis table  , Table tennis board,  shuttlecock and etc. 
* For Hockey & Ice Hockey :-
       Hockey stick s,  saftey guards,  turf ball,  corner flag,  goal net,  Helmet, goal  skates,  goal stick,  ice skates Hockey gloves and other accessories. 
* For Racing ( Human racing,  car racing,  bike racing, bicycle racing , boat racing) :-
       Racing shoes,  Eyeglasses  , suits,  caps,  Racing car, helmets, safety guards for different body parts,  gloves,  shoes for racing,  Belt and harness,  Racing (vehicle motor cycle,  bicycle,  Boats)  , safety jackets,  hydration systems, stop,  watches, Deck shoes, Name or Numbering shirts or belt, and etc. 
And many other sports have their range of equipments and accessories. 
Similarly out doors products are categorizes into different equipments based on different outdoors activity such as:- 
Outdoor recreation, hicking and camping equipments, hydration daypacks , travelling and luggage bags,  surfing, skydiving,  skying,  paragliding equipments and etc.  Tent,  first aid kits, 
Sports & out door activities are greats source of joy and happiness and everybody loves to spend a good while doing all these activities. Thus shopping for sports & out door product is really common these days. Even these products are buy online. Here are no. Of brands which makes high quality sports & outdoors  equipments.
         One of the bigest U. S sports brand in the world products including : Athletic footwear apparel,  sports wear,  Sports equipments and other accessories. 
        German multinational company famous for most valued sport wear brands in the world. Adidas is associated  with different sports. 
      German company,  serve products worldwide,  Famous for,  foot wear, sport wear and aport equipments etc. 
 DKS :-  ( Dick's sporting Goods) :
            U. S company,  famous for its high quality,  Famous products includes -sporting gw,  outerwear, Sports wear,  fitness equipments, bicycle and outdoor equipments and etc.
 Other companies are sketchers,  Asics, columbia sports company,  North face,  conerse,  under Armour,  Reebk, Filla and many others. In Pakistan Reebok, Adidas, Nike, are quite famous sports brand. Specially  Sialkot is famous for making sports and outdoor products and accessorie And these products export all over the world .  In Pakistan sports and outdoor products shopping is very common and people love to buy them